Our Process for Accepting Interpretation Assignments


Assignment Profile

After sending us an email and scheduling your appointment, we will go over the details of the assignment with you. This includes:

    • Budget
    • Date
    • Duration
    • Equipment
    • Language
    • Participants
    • Preferences
    • Site Considerations
    • Time

Written Proposal

After considering all the relevant factors, our team will submit a proposal to the client for approval.

Identifying an Interpreter

Once the proposal is approved, our team goes through our network of qualified interpreters and selects the interpreter who best matches the assignment.

Verification and Delivery

After an interpreter’s availability is confirmed, we inform them about the assignment requirements. During and after the assignment, communication channels between the client and the interpreter are open to ensure its successful completion.
If you are interested in hiring us, do not hesitate to contact us today. We will be more than happy to answer your questions and other concerns.